HJK5080TCA6JL Kitchen Garbage Truck
Release:2020-7-14 |View:922

HJK5080TCA6JL Kitchen Garbage Truck is a new-generation vehicle independently developed and designed by Eguard New Energy Automobile Co. Ltd. on the basis of absorbing the advantages of many similar products at home and abroad. The vehicle has good aesthetics, excellent performance and advanced operation control. It adopts the side-mounted container lifting method to collect kitchen garbage and rear door opening and unloading by the dozer blade. Its comprehensive performance reaches the advanced level of similar domestic products. Its high-quality chassis, which adopts the Category II chassis produced by Jiangling Motors Co. Ltd., has a powerful engine and meets the national (European) VI emission standard. The vehicle boasts a high-pressure cleaning system, a sewage tank and a clean water tank. Solid/liquid separation of kitchen garbage can be achieved. And the vehicle can be quickly rinsed on site. It is the best tool for the collection and transportation of kitchen garbage in urban residential areas, communities, large factories and mines, institutions and schools.

HJK5080TCA6JL 型餐厨垃圾车 -1.png

Product features

1. Good sealing performance. A locking mechanism and a special reinforced double-port silicone rubber strip are used between the garbage container and the rear door assembly to avoid leakage of sewage;

2. Solid-liquid separation function. The sewage tank is equipped with a filter screen component which can perform solid-liquid separation for the kitchen garbage collected by the truck;

3. Excellent safety performance. The lifting cylinder for the side container lifting device and the cylinder of the top cover adopt electro-hydraulic joint control for orderly work;

4. An independent high-pressure cleaning system. The garbage container can be rinsed with the waterjet system.

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