HJK5181TDY6DF Multifunctional Dust Suppression Truck
Release:2020-4-1 |View:940

Product Introduction

HJK5181TDY6DF Multifunctional Dust Suppression Truck is refitted on the basis of the Type II chassis of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. Equipped with an environment-friendly dust-removing air-blast sprayer, the vehicle features safe and reliable operation, long range water spray and reduced water consumption. It can be used for urban street haze control, dust removal, cooling, dust suppression for industrial and mining enterprises, and chemical spray and sterilization for public places and greening areas. It is also equipped with a front automatic flushing device to automatically control multi-angle flushing and spraying and with the front duckbill nozzles, the center-mounted cone flusher, the rear sprinkler, the remote water monitor, etc.

Product Features

1. The sprayer is driven by an imported fully closed hydraulic system, which is more energy-efficient and safe than the 380V high-voltage electric drive type in common use in the industry, without any danger of electrical leakage.

2. Good dust suppression effect. The horizontal spray distance is ≥100m, and the vertical spray height is ≥30m, featuring stepless adjustment.

3. Intelligent control mode. It can be controlled from the cab or by wireless remote control with a control distance greater than 100m.

4. Complete configuration. In addition to the air-blast sprayer, it is also equipped with the automatic flushing device, the front duckbill nozzles, the center-mounted flusher, the rear sprinkler, the remote water monitor, etc.