HJK5180ZYS6DF Compaction Garbage Truck
Release:2020-7-14 |View:915

HJK5180ZYS6DF Compaction Garbage Truck uses rear-loading compaction and dual compaction technology to complete the collection and transfer of urban household garbage. With a high load bearing capacity and a large load capacity, it is suitable for collecting, compacting and transporting barreled, bagged and bulk household garbage in urban residential areas, communities, large factories and mines, institutions, schools and narrow streets in old urban areas. There are a variety of hopper dumping mechanisms to meet the garbage collection needs of different users.

HJK5180ZYS6DF 型压缩式垃圾车.png

Product features

1. The moving parts are made of special materials, which avoid lubrication and reduce the maintenance time and cost;

2. Automatic protection and dual compaction technology are used with high safety, high load bearing capacity and high transfer efficiency;

3. The container adopts a special three-seal design to prevent secondary pollution during transportation;

4. The high-quality electrical control system and hydraulic system provide high reliability, low power loss and zero overheating over long hours of operation.